mama see

by Amy

he is sitting up now.

this is my view throughout the day.

but he is also trying to stand now.

this can’t be.

and i thought about deleting this one.   or editing it.  but then…no.

his breakfast is dried onto his face after a misjudged cleaning job on my behalf.

his nails are in need of a cut which means his face has taken the beating.

his snot is never ending at this moment.  thank you RSV.  it must be the quick dry kind as well.

the overalls are extended to the tallest point.  i forgot they were in his closet and he is growing too fast.  highwaters.  at the right angle even a camel-toed diaper.  my bad.

he drools a bit since his two new teeth have popped through.

some also claim he needs a hair cut.

but him, and this picture…perfect exactly as they are.