lovely poison

by Amy

sometimes the loveliest things in life, are actually poison.

trying to remember this as black friday and the craze of the holiday shopping season comes around.

trying to focus on giving instead of getting.  on helping instead of needing.  on loving instead of seeking.

but it is hard.  and  often times, i fail.  flail.  drown in the desires of my heart to be the perfect homemaker, wife, mother, homeschooler, decorator, cook, photographer…you fill in the blank.

trying to remember to be thankful for this beautiful life i have been given, instead of wishing to see more.

trying to enjoy these little things.  and stop wishing for, hoping for, wanting anything else.

’cause this life is pretty darn awesome.

and it’s litte things, like fairy tale mushrooms found by overly excited children on a mid day walk when they should be napping after a morning of deep breathing and trying to remember to be thankful for them and for the chaos [gasping for air]…it’s that kind of stuff, all balled up and overflowing out through your fingers and the tight of your grasp.  so much to be thankful for…

He promises he’s got us covered.  and that, in and of itself, is all we need.

and it is all right at our feet.  we just have to look.

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. – Phillipians 4:19