lost and found

by Amy

corbin lost his tooth in the middle of the night.  it was loose for weeks, i have been tugging on it daily and it falls out in the middle of the night?!  we thought we lost it.  we thought housekeeping accidentally threw it out with the dirty sheets or vacuumed it up.  but then we found it.

so he taped it to his letter.  the letter he decided to write and the one with all the words he sounded out.  the one where his sister also helped him and the one where he drew his own portrait.  he added exclamation points to the top of the letter because he was, quote, super excited.  it was the first letter he had ever written.

turns out the toot fairy did want to trade.  corbin didn’t realize the tooth fairy couldn’t extract the letter while it was hidden under his body.  or maybe he did.  because she couldn’t get it out, he had to hide it under the pillow (the right way) a second night.  the toot fairy was generous!  two nights in a row.

but how could she not be with a face like this?