loosed tooth

by Amy

she waited so patiently.  she waited one whole month just to make sure Papa would be home to witness the event.  she waited through many dinners just to make sure the tooth would not be harmed.  she waited a four day weekend while mama was away on a job.  she waited.  patiently.

with the most perfect timing, her tooth fell out.  papa was back home and mama was just back from cancun.

 she put the prized enamel in a special tooth pillow she had sewn with gramma and hung it carefully on her door.  knowing the tooth fairy is a fun pretend character, she pulled the covers up to just above her chesire grin and waited patiently for mama and papa…again.  we traded her.  the tooth for a watch of mama's that she had always coveted.

 she was stoked.  and she suddenly has a lisp.  i heart her.