locks of love

by Amy

she grew it out for almost three years.  she knew, the whole time, that she wanted to do this again.  so…she waited patiently, tucking her hair behind her ears and asking for a pony tail nearly every day, as it grew.  we measured every now and then, to make sure she had long enough strands.  she did…and it was time.

jay, at daniel ross salon in covington, took awesome care of my big little.  not only did she do the cut and style for free but she let me buzz around the entire time she worked her magic.  thank you jay!  you were awesome!

special treat?  the parafin dip.  in caelan’s words, “i liked it.  but…i don’t want to do it again.”

almost 13″ at it’s longest point.  it barely brushes her shoulders now.  just the way she wanted it and just the way she hopes another girl will be able to use it.  i love her heart.  i love her generosity.  i love her.