like the szalinskis

by Amy

remember in Honey I Shrunk the Kids when Szalinski was looking for his children and being all weird in the backyard?  remember how the neighbors saw him and judged him and made so much fun of him?

yeah.  i am Szalinski and my neighbors all think i am a whack job.  don’t mind the wet patches on my knees at 7 am or the fact that my hair is now frozen dreadcicles from going out with the wet look.  i have to get pictures of this gorgeous, wondrous first frost friends.  judge me up and down as i low belly the lawn and give these pieces of foliage the skunk eye, going all paparazzi on them!

because how can you just walk but this stuff, people?  it’s magic and it’s gorgeous and different on everything it touches?!  it will be gone in an hour and sure, it will come back again but…but!

my poor kids.  as we walk #3 to kindergarten, i have my camera around my neck like a tourist fresh off the moon, stopping at every leaf and snail and fence post we pass.  and then it happens…

my 9 year old asks to take a picture with my big camera.  of course i let her because that is what my dad did for me when i was around that age.  and the splendor never left me.

the image on the right (of the fence posts dancing out of sight) was taken by her.  one click after careful deliberation and she hands me the camera with a “nailed it!” to top it off.  no edits or filters. raw and awesome.

happy first frost my friends.  when it hits your spot on the map…get some wet patches on your knees!