life lines

by Amy

it was a final project in my college photography course.  a series of images based on whatever we wanted to photograph and i chose hands.  not just “hands” as we see them but the emotion so visible in how we use our hands.  friends still make fun of me for it, for asking nearly everyone i knew to turn into a hand model.

there were nine in the final series and i felt kinda big time to have them displayed at a local barnes & nobel.  but this one?  this was my favorite.

maurice.  maurice and an unknown hand.  but for sure, maurice.

his hands, with the lines and the dirt  and the chalk and the knobby knuckles…they told so many stories.  he was a janitor.  and as i got to know him better, i learned that he was a former football star and restaurant owner and the friendliest guy i knew.  who knows if his giggly stories were true or not but they made for good conversations.

he has since passed on but his hands…they stay with me forever.

specifics:  hasselblad 500cm with illford 400 film.

image circa 2002