Let’s All Be Well

by Amy

I asked my thirteen-year-old to build a rainbow. Something big that we could display in our front window that would hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face as they pass by. What he made took my breath away!

He used a technique called ‘greebling’ where you add small Lego pieces to a larger Lego surface to add texture and depth. It creates this fun iSpy game as you try to see what details make up the solid color!

Do you see all the fun pieces? I spy with my little eye a banana, a crab, a flipper, some legs, a cupcake wrapper and a leaf!

It took him about four hours total to build and honestly, the longest time was spent locating the colors needed out of our giant mixed bins. He and the brothers are now set on sorting all the colors! I made a Pinterest Board for them to start looking for ideas.

I am so proud of him and his creativity! There were many punches thrown (excited ones), giggles and “NO YOU DID NOT?!!”s yelled when I saw the big reveal! It is a true masterpiece and I never want to take it apart!