kris & rachael

by Amy

august.  it was hot that day.  her smile was more radiant than the overhead sun and his excitement was beyond contagious.  it was a gorgeous.

sneakers.  they are her thing.  instead of cramming her tootsies in a gorgeous shoe that her feet would fight, she wore a beautiful new set of an old fav.  and made her best maid wear the heels.

she glowed.  headed out for the first look, i heard every onlooker’s breath as it was taken away.

someone is loved eh?

their love was a quiet joy.  watching them giggle and whisper, steal glances and touch…it was inspiring.  it was the type of wedding, the type of connection where i just couldn’t wait to see my own husband again.  infectious love.

who better qualified to delicately drop those petals than their daughter.  she captured the adoration of everyone as she spun around, feeling beautiful in her ruffle dress.

you learn a lot about people when you shoot their wedding.  things like words they hate (that make others giggle) and the frequency of gas passed between the two.  or maybe who holds the worst breath.  fun things.  things that make you feel closer to your clients.  fond memories.

she loves pink.  pink socks, pink shoes, pink striped ties for the men, pink jelly beans, pink purse, pink lips and beautiful pink flowers.  pink.

i could listen to their laughter all day.  they met at home depot.  two seemingly unrelated things it may seem, but can you imagine being serenaded by their chuckles as you push your orange cart up and down the aisle?  music.

they drove in style in a vintage two door.  perfect exit.

dinner, drinks and dancing at the pioneer park pavillion in puyallup.

the cake wore a custom handmade cake topper.  two little love birds.  pink flower of course.

kris and racheal…thank you.  thank you for allowing me to be there as you made fun each other, held each others hands, giggled, hugged family, acted lovey and just shared your amazing selves with me.  rachael…you are gorgeous and i am so honored that you chose me.  you are a real kick in the pants and i loved laughing the day away with you.  thank you for being patient with me when i set off the emergency alarm.  and kris.  i hope you enjoyed the dinner feast and that you had enough moist towlettes afterwards.

wishing you both home depot to forever!

a special thanks to miss lindsay hale for assisting me with this wedding.  her perspective, her creativity…she really rocked the house with her awesome images!  thank you linds!