by Amy

this is katie.  she has dimples and energy and smiles for days.  wanting nothing more than to play, my time with her was a good work out.  she was full of hide-n-seek and tag and making crazy noises.  she was full of unabashed joy.

she would giggle…but not for me.  i mean, i could get her to giggle, but it took me a while.  it took some extra special tricks.  most kids…you can get them to giggle by actin' a fool or pretending like you don't know the answers to simple questions.  not katie.  she new all my tricks!  and i loved every minute of it.  

of course, it was raining.  summer hasn't really "landed" in our area.  did the rain matter to this little die-hard?  not at all.  if those adorable little piggies belonged on my feet…well, not only would it be harder for me to stand up but, you wouldn't catch me out running around through wet bark!

did i mention she was full of energy?

thank you katie.  i really needed to run around in the drizzle and act like a kiddo for a bit.  you rock!