joy in the fresh

by Amy

learning new things about our new home daily.  the jaw-drop-smile kind.

there are roosters right behind our local market.  in someone’s yard.  and they doodle-do all day at random intervals.  but you won’t hear it unless you stop.  and wait for it.

the church bells ring in the town center.  all day at the most bizarre and unpatterned times.  they can be heard while stretching at morning light, in the afternoon as you follow the clinking collar or as night falls while we thank Jesus for the day.  they are a common sound but every day and every time i hear them, i fall in love again.

on foggy mornings, in surprising spots, shepherds (real ones) pasture their sheep to graze.  hillsides and flat lands and flocks upon flocks of them.  dirt speckled and wooly by the hundreds with one silent man dressed straight out of a book of fables.  if you are lucky enough, they cross the road…right.  in.  front of you.  maybe i am a huge dork but it is as if i just swam through sharks, that is how exciting it feels.  i know they are just sheep and yes, it can either be an inconvenience or a death trap for them but there is something so exhilarating about seeing something so “yesteryear” happen for real life, right in front of you.

have we convinced you to come out an visit yet?

the place, this new home?  i feel so undeserving of the blessing of living here but will cherish it all the same.

how could you not with these little people by your side.  they make finding joy easy.