johnathan + alli

by Amy

you got to see my lil bro + my new sis-in-law and all their wedding goodness the other day.  and i know you were thinking “wow!  i see what a good looking family amy has?! [what happened to her?!]” but just wait.  oh just you wait.  there. is. more.  meet my big bro (just by ten days…but who is counting!) and his lovely love, alli.  what better place to squeak in a session than the west side of oahu right?  forget the treacherous rock we had to traverse or the jerk that almost used a rock to break into our car.  those were NOTHING compared to the sparks that flew in the beautiful sunset we found ourselves wrapped warmly in.  it was truly a perfect night on the beach.

these two in front of the camera?  it was effortless.  alli unearthed the inner model in her and my brother worked it like none other!  audible gasps and giddy squeals were unstoppable as i peaked at the images on the back of my camera.  they were so much loveliness, it was sick!

and did i mention fun?  ’cause everyone needs a beautifully romantic reenactment of a zombie couple on the coast of the pacific.

see that light?  ta-die-for!  and alli?!  [wolf whistle] smokin hot!

there were tears.  real tears as i went through these images.  i adore my big brother and it is so awesome that he has such an amazing girl by his side.  alli is the pb to his j and such a pure joy to be around.  so thankful for all the time we had together in hawaii and beyond blessed to call her friend!

thank you two.  you were stunning and glorious and lovely and lots of other words…all wrapped in to one.  thank you for taking time for me, for wandering the coast with me and for letting me spend a moment in your love.  i love you both!  see you real soon!

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