It’s the Remix!

by Amy

It’s been too long so I’m going to just start fresh, right here and right now with a little recap and reopening!

After nine years of living overseas, we are back on American soil and it is time to reopen Amy B Photography! Not that it is impossible to run a business in another country as a military spouse, but it is for SURE harder to set up and navigate between living in another culture, getting approval from the military, and maintaining when you and your client base are always in transition.

When we left for Germany in 2012, I felt like God made it very clear that it was a season for me to set my business down. Even if I was never able to start it up again, I was thankful for the time I had but there was this bubbling in my spirit that it really was just a time of pause. I felt like there would be a time again, that I would be able to run my business again. What a blessing to have a business and passion that can be put down and picked back up depending on the seasons of life, right?

And now here we are, after nine years of focusing my lens on my own children and our adventures as we traipsed around the world, I am so excited to extend that focus on telling the stories of others!

The best part?

As Mr B and I spoke about reopening, I gave him all the reasons we shouldn’t. It would be hard, no one would hire me, and we will have to move again so why start now? The very next day, I got a text from a woman I had only just met that read “Did I hear you say you were a photographer? If so, can I hire you to do our family photos in a few weeks?” If that is not a clear YES from God to start my business, I don’t know what is!

That was exactly the confirmation I needed to start down the path of reopening my beloved business and passion! Since then I have booked more sessions that I can hardly believe, shot four and have been working hard behind the scenes to rebrand, rework and reopen this love of mine!

Thank you thank you thank you for all your support and for being here to read this post! My goal is to post more blogs (now that I am getting it all updated) that share more of my beautiful clients, behind the scenes, and photography tips for anyone else wanting to know more! Leave a comment to let me know what you would like to see?

Happy 2022 to you all!