how did it take this long

by Amy

in the hustle and bustle of moving, i can’t stop thinking about this family.  these images.  these connections.  these laughs.  my husband was totally holding out on me for the last TEN YEARS in not forcing us all to spend time together!   he has known them this whole time, where as i, just within the last year, really got to meet and know them.  and i love them.  she laughs at my jokes like i am actually funny, he aks me questions and actually cares to hear the answers, the little man’s blazing red hair and personality sets my heart afire and little lady never stops smiling.  they are awesome.

this is the face i see most often from krissy so this picture is near and dear to me.  like, call-me-a-creeper-cause-i-want-it-on-my-bedside-table like it.

and soren.  oh the trouble adventures we could get in to!  he is curious and giggly and tough and loving and quiet and awesome…all at the same time.  i honestly dreamed of photographing his red hair someday (great….just admitted i am a psychopath) and he did not let me down!  love that kid.

i wish i could post more of a sneak peek for these guys but i am literally hiding in a dark place so mr ballard won’t find me, just so i can publish this blog.  i am supposed to be packing but this beautiful family has me all distracted and giddy!  we wander, we chatted, we laughed and we destroyed a pizza joint by the end of the night!

love you guys, love our newly kindled friendship and can’t wait until you make your trek to the maiden land and squeeze in a few moments for us!