hot like fire

by Amy

this is erin and ryan.  ryan used to drive an ambulance that came by my work and is that awesome mix of talkative & funny.  erin is one of the raddest chicks around and we first crossed paths when she came with ryan to visit me and my newborn baby girl in the hospital.  he is a firefighter now and she is a nurse.  what kinda powerful team up is that?!

because i have known them so long, i feel like i was witness to this whole love affair unfolding.  i met ryan over ten years ago (we even dated for a bit) and he would talk about his then-ex (erin) in the kind of way that he probably thought was a good cover up but it was still very clear he loved her.

time passed and i watched him and erin go back and forth between dating status updates faster than forrest gump’s ping pong ball.  they  probably get sick of people saying that but, from my view…it just shows how much they really do love each other.

they are strong.  and they love each other.  deeply, madly, truly.

erin is breath-takingly gorgeous.  she has this way about her that just makes you feel comfortable and accepted.  with a smile that just makes others around her smile, i was in heaven trying to get her to laugh and then being able to catch a few!

their wedding will take place in costa rica next year.  can you even imagine how amazing it will be?

congratulations you two!  erin…thanks for calling me as soon as you guys got engaged!  i am honored to be able to take your engagement pictures.  and ryan…i am glad you never got over erin.  you two are so good together!

to view a slideshow of the session, click here and enjoy!