by Amy

meet burg hohenzollern.  about an hour south of stuttgart and an AWESOME place to visit for your castle fix.  since my dear, sweet lindsay and her son are visiting, we made a morning trip out.  turns out, with five kids under the age of nine in tow, you can spend the whole day here.  worth it.

dear jad, i know this is your first castle and you will probably not remember it but i will forever remember you there.  your curiosity and excitement.  you loved it.  you almost fell in the moat.  you never tripped on the cobblestone.  you let your mommy go on a tour of the castle and played knights with the big boys.  you rocked the castle and i hope these images help you fill in the gaps of your memory.

it was also Lindsay’s first castle.  the wonder of them both?  it got me.  it got me right in the gut.

of all the things to see at the castle, this was their favorite.  the kind of favorite where their ears stop working and they ignore anything and everything around them.  it is kind of a glorious place to be…

boys and their knight game.

traveling around with your sweet friend is the best.  and beautiful places with gorgeous light don’t hurt either!  😉