here's the deal

by Amy

i hate to say “i am so busy right now!” because everyone is busy.  everyone has schedules and people and to-dos and life taking up their every minute and it just doesn’t feel right to say “it”.  the feeling of boredom has not been known to me for as long as i can remember.  free time doesn’t really exist.  there is always something to do, always someone waiting and always some task to keep me busy.

but i have so much to share.

sometimes i think that no one really cares to see my pictures.  but then, i see picture on facebook, snapshots really, of what others are doing and it blesses me.  i see craft projects and screaming children and smiling posed images and beautiful christmas cards.  i see stories of homecomings and tears of departures, i see travel and love and cereal and parties.  the gammut is wide and the pictures are ever feeding but i can’t get enough.

and i think…you people bless me by sharing your lives with me.  you share your moments and your opinions and your thoughts.  i feel connected to you even though i am so far away and i value that you took that second to share your son’s smile or how your fireplace looks decorated for winter.  i love that we can see each other and the silly awesome details of life with just a brush of the screen.

i may not have time to post a whole story about our trip to france or a dissertation on our latest homeschooling activities.  but i can post a few here and there.  even just one.  and maybe it will bless you.  maybe it will spark inspiration or feeling or gratitude or thought.  maybe you will look at it and wonder what on earth i was thinking.  or maybe this is just for me.

but i can do one.  i can do random.  i can do whatever is on my heart.  i can do whatever i have the time for.  i can do my favorite or my saddest.  i can do life or vision or inspiration.  or whatever…and that is the deal.

these two images have been open in photoshop for the past week.  i like them.  they were taken in december on a trip to Strasbourg France.  someone once wrote me and said “as much as i wish, i can’t ever be all the same places as you.  i can’t travel the world or attend weddings…until i see your pictures.  they take me places”.  that note.  it prods me to share.

keep coming back?  i like you here.