hello jello

by Amy

this has nothing to do with photography right now.  this has everything to do with nothing actually.  if you really get down to it, it is a picture that makes me think a ton of things.  i made this jello rainbow fabulousness for a get-to-gether we were having with the teens from church.  wanting to feed them but not wanting to go to the store, i found a ton of jello in my pantry and thought to myself “self?  who doesn’t love jello?”.  myself was right (for once).  those young adults loved it.  my kids loved it.  my husband even thanked me “for being so domestic”.

this isn’t just a silly jello concoction.  or fifteen cups of boiling water added to twelve packages of sugary, powdery mix divided by six different trays multiplied by 3 hours each of set times and 2 cycles on the second shelf of my fridge plus 2 hours to carefully cut and place each square.

it’s oohs and ahhs from an awesome youth group over the possibility of a glass jar filled with jigglers.  it’s a big fat kiss from my husband as he rewards me for my mother/wife skills.  it’s a reminder of the fact that when i set my mind to do something, it will be done and it better be awesome.  it’s a picture of bowl full of jello and a story of how i spent a good chunk of my day.  it was worth it and it makes me smile.