he is almost here

by Amy

it is new nephew’s eve at my house since my gorgeous sister in law is having her baby tomorrow.  my nephew…let us just be clear on that.  a little boy to go along with my little doodle to give my kids cousin plus an s.  cousins.  niece and nephew.  ahhhhh….i just love the way it all sounds!

in preparation for sweet baby boy, we did some maternity shots.  “only like five cause what will i do with any more than that” she says as she laughs and smiles.  and glows.  spoken like  a true not-first-time mommy.  i love that about my sis-in-law!

i can already tell you this kid will be one of many things.  first, adorable.  not only cause he is a puckett but because his wardrobe is the best you have ever feasted your eyes upon.  second, hilarious.  if he is anything like the rest of his family, i see lots of big ol adorable baby boy grins and lots of fun, toddler boy trouble.  third, a tear jerker.  yup…calling it now.  i will cry tomorrow when i see him.  bawl even.   all over his sweet newborn head.  in fact, there could be tears right now just thinking about how marvelous he is.  dang it.  [pause]

isn’t she so lovely?!  it was so sweet to see avery doodle kiss baby boy on mama’s belly as she said good-bye.  thank you dear Lord that i get to witness such precious moments with our family!

so you gathered that i get the doodle FOR THE WEEK right?  a whole week of my sweet niece and her sweet dimples and her good manners and her funny stories and her contagious smiles.  as i put them all to bed tonight, i couldn’t stop staring at avery.  “what?!” she asked me.  probably because i was staring at her with one of those bizarre, distant grins that people do when they are thinking waaaaaay beyond the moment.  or because i wouldn’t stop rubbing her hand.  or because i was starting to sniffle.  any of those reasons to say that, as i said goodnight (like a creeper) i could see that she was going to grow up nearly over night.  today she is the doodle and she is an only child.  today she is my only niece.  tomorrow she will become a big sister and one of two kids in her home.   and feel love in a new way.  she will learn to overcome jealous, she will learn to sacrifice, she will learn a deeper version of caring for another and she will learn that life is bigger than monday and tuesday had told her.  i know…it takes time and she will grow into these things.  but i loved kissing her sweet forehead and envisioning all these amazing things for her.  for him.  for them.

siblings.  she is going to have one and she is going to be one.  tomorrow.  let the awesome and glorious adventures begin…after a cupcake and a good night sleep.