have kids, will travel

by Amy

we have been traveling with our kids a bit. at times it is stressful but more times than not, it is just amazing and we know the trip wouldn’t be the same without them!

and more than any treasure we bring home, i love our photo memories the most.  just had to share some of my favorites of the past few months…

the lavender fields of Valensole France.

steady biking around Lyon, France.

meeting horses in Prague and looking GQ in Florence, Italy.

exploring creeks off the sides of roads in Ireland.

our favorite mode of transportation.

day dreaming at the edge of the earth in Fanad Head, Ireland.

trying to become one with the ocean in Barcelona, Spain.

as I continue to edit, i hope to post more blogs with way more fun to share!  hope your summer was full of memories and time with people you don’t hate!