happy feet

by Amy

under that beautiful white dress, with it’s layers of shimmery fabrics and sheer whites, there are always two excited feet.  of course, the dress is exactly what the bride imagined she would wear on her wedding day but her shoes…those are the real girl.  some choose white or cream to match elegantly match to their dress and others get colors that coordinate with their color theme.  a select few get a rockin pair of shoes in an outrageous color or pattern that truly define who they are.  any way the bride goes…shoes are a VERY important detail of the day.

one of my favorite discoveries (and photo ops) of the day are the shoes the mrs. has carefully selected.  without sounding like a weirdo, and i think you ladies will know what i mean when i say this, the shoe choice is like lingerie.  it’s like a fun little secret that boosts your confidence and makes you feel beautiful/sexy on your big day.

so my dear brides-to-be…pick your color and pick it wisely.  have fun with your sweet feet and make a statement with your toe clothes.  you will most likely feel smokin’ hot on your big day already but throw in the shoes and…RAWR!

Find all of these shoes here.