good day to be a Day

by Amy

remember this gorgeous couple?  the one i have been not-on-purpose teasing you with?  the one you have been hounding me (with your facebook, email and even instagram comments) to see?  welp…

[said in my greatest Rafiki from Lion King voice] it is time.

she had never dated anyone else.  not because there was no one else but because she trusted that God would provide, even in her dating life.  and He did.  david attempted to sweep her off her feet but ended up dropping her in the middle of a cross walk instead.  no.  that isn’t a cryptic analogy for some other story, he literally dropped her and her duff  on striped concrete in broad daylight.  it was love.

we had lots of time to play before the wedding began.  with an awesome couple and a ridiculously fun (and huge) bridal party, we made the most of it.  this post has a million images in it already but sheeze louise…there are so many more i can’t wait to give melissa and david.

every aspect of this wedding was DIY by the bride’s sisters and mom.  i think it even surprised melissa when she saw all of the detailed, coordinated goodness!  from the printed signs to the books stacked under the candy jars…it all seemed to have personal meaning and much thought behind them.  antiques and vintage finds were everywhere!  the pickering barn in issaquah is an awesome venue already but the goodies melissa’s family and friends brought in just made this event look like a professional had done it all.

how cute are these two?

david and melissa are surrounded by amazing people.  it is evident that their kind hearts just draw people in, make them feel loved and keep them close for years to come.  plus they are just such a riot to be around!

they said their good-byes and rushed off…for more pictures!  they let us follow them back over to our “super secret squirrel mystical enchanted forest” spot for some fun evening shots and then eventually, off to the hotel.  i love being able to tell the story from beginning to end!

david and melissa…i don’t even know where to begin with you crazy kids.  you have blessed my life so deeply and it was such an honor that you chose lil ol me to photograph your day.  i love you both more than i can adequately express and your wedding day was just proof of how amazing you two are to so many people!  i wanted so badly to write all about mine and david’s post-youth group dates, mine and melissa’s lovely and disturbing conversations that turned into near-death giggle fits and just how much you two mean to me but…this is your wedding post.  and i can write ushy-mushy love notes to you another time.  but thank you.  thank you  for everything!  your relationship and individual lives speaks volumes to the many who know you!  you are the light of Christ to anyone you meet and i am so blessed to call you friends!   congratulations on your lovely DAY (ha!  will never get sick of the puns using your last name) and we will see you soon!

huge shout out to my assistant shooter Mandy McMahan of Amanda Kay Photography for the amazing talent and awesomeness she brought to the day!  and thank you to Lindsay Hale of Lindsay Kaye Photography (seeing a trend with the middle-name-kay-things?) for being a bridesmaid AND for photographing the moments before we arrived!  you both added so much to this collection of images…THANK YOU!!

and special thanks to all the family, friends and vendors that put this entire gorgeous event together…

venue:  issaquah pickering barn

amazing wedding event coordinator and SUPER sweet heart – Anna Carper

flowers: arranged by Cheri Worsham–friend, but purchased from pike’s place market–Hoa Farms

DJ (friend): Mike Davis

invites designed and photographed by: charissa bangs and can be viewed here

dress: San Patrick 1964 purchased from Rococo Bridal and Formal Wear

cake pops (even gluten free!) by: made by Julie Flower (friend)

caterer: 12 baskets catering

honey jar gifts: — DIY: melissa (the bride) made them. we got 250 baby food jars at a garage sale, took the labels off, filled them with Kirkland brand honey from Costco, and used fabric and raffia to top it off.

printer AND designer (for all the signs everywhere): melissa’s sister Suzanne Macshane. She’s awesome.  all printing of signs was done at costco.

girls dresses:  The Alfred Sung Bridesmaid Collection (the color is “mango) found at The Dessy Group

guys tuxes:  Tuxedo Club in Kirkland, WA

Officiant: Brandon Cameron