get comfy

by Amy

every year we buy a few fancy outfits to wear for our visit with santa.  the kids look adorable right?!  the boys are sweating and pulling at their collered shirt and my girl is twirling around for all of seattle to see her britches.  they get cold, spill cocoa on themselves and wreck all hopes of those beautiful outfits i so carefully planned.

but we always justify the purchases saying the will be able to wear the outfits again, you know, to church or weddings.  but it never happens that way.  and we do it.  every–year.

this year…i feel rebellious.

we always wear pajamas.  sometimes even for a whole day.  so this year, we will visit santa in our jammies.  we will be comfy, warm and hopefully a bit less awkward as we sit on the big guys lap.  and the slippers?  those are just for fun.  who doesn’t want monster feet or yoshi to keep their toes company?!

in case you want to join in on the fun (and flannel) here is a starting point.  almost all jammie pieces are from the gap.  slippers are random finds on amazon and the women’s black plaid pants are nautica also found on amazon.

what will you and your family wear to see santa?  i will be really jealous if i find out i am the only one with the itchy collars/five year old flasher issue!