fun fact friday

by Amy

i am always hesitant to throw up personal stories, images and such on the blog.  not sure if my readers wish to see that.  questions float through my head like “do they even care?” or “do they think i am full of myself?” and all these insecurities gnaw at me.  but then i realize how much i love to read about other photographers and all their personal beeswax.  in fact, that is what i love MOST about my j-o-b.  every person i come in contact with is amazing in these super awesome ways…and they share that stuff…with me!  they have cool stories or special tricks they can do or quirky bits that just make them oh so wonderful.  i love discovering people it really is the best.

so then, maybe…maybe i should share a fun fact with you.  not cause i am awesome or that you need to know anything about me but because it is such a comfort to know sometimes that there is someone out there just like you.  it gives us a connection.  we are probably a lot more alike than you think.  or not.  maybe what i share with you just gives you something to make fun of me better with.  who cares.  i just thought fun facts were in order.  and both of those words start with F just like friday does so BOOM.  fun fact friday was birthed.  love it or leave it but i wanted to discover more people who are…

afraid of the dark.  i am.  not so much the dark but things in the dark.  i have a sadly morbid mind and retain all those awful news stories about murder and fire and death and in the dark…those thoughts are really loud.  when i was little, i was afraid that a panda bear was under my bed (think miniature kung fu panda with his scary destructo face on) and if i kept my leg too close to the wall, he would take a butcher knife and stab me with it.  seriously.  that is what i was scared of.

later in my youth, i walked in on the scene in Pee Wee’s Bigtop Adventure where the truck drivers eyes get big and shoot out of her face (i actually found it here and it still scares me!) and it scared me so bad, i wouldn’t come out from under the end table i had dove under.  that wooden leg and my screaming like a banchee were my only safe holds!

in sixth grade, i would stay awake in my bed, terrified as i listened to unsolved mysteries and rescue 911 (dating myself via tv shows) while my parents watched, unaware.  stories of all sorts of awful things streamed into my brain and never really left.  even now, as an adult, i think about the tragic/horrific events i heard as i laid there.  no joke, i have to force my eyes closed and beg Jesus to fill my mind with sweet thoughts lest the fear overtakes me.

i can’t watch commercials for horror movies.  i turn on all the lights in the house at night.  i have escape routes in place (in my mind of course) for any possible number of events.  i am a big ol scaredy cat.

isn’t that ridiculous?  but now you know.  what about you?  what are you scared of?