fun fact: diet coke

by Amy

i love diet coke.  but you know that, right?  there are a few things about my relationship with diet coke…sharing this may make me sound a bit OCD but really…it’s just my pref.  when it comes to diet coke…i am kinda a diva about it.

  • it really tastes best in a glass with ice.  or a fountain cup.  my favorite?  taco time!  mostly because of the pellet ice.  magical.
  • i can tell if the can has expired BY ONE TASTE.  no joke.  some call that freaky, i prefer the word connoisseur.
  • i knew my husband first loved me when he ordered me a diet coke at a restaurant.  i was in the bathroom and mr ballard had no idea the message he was sending.  or did he?
  • diet pepsi is not the same.  ya hear that costco food court…not.  the.  same.
  • i don’t bend the can tab down.  not sure why.  habit i suppose.
  • i only drink one caffeinated can a day.  since i have been knocked up for over three years (combined) of my life, i have had to face the choice of how much i wish to share with a fetus.  my personal choice is only one can per day with caffeine when i am pregnant but again, it is now habit.  if i feel like i need to have that amazing flavor grace my lips again, i tap into my caffeine free pack.  yes…that’s right…i keep both on tap.
  • 1030 is the bewitching hour.  i don’t even need a clock.  my body just knows it is time.
  • the last bit sucks.   i won’t drink it.  the ice is all melted making the flavor all watered down, the bits of my pre-chewed cookie are floating in the bottom and in my mind, it is totally undrinkable.  nuff said.

it’s a special relationship we have.  i support the d.c. economy and they support my crazy day.  we love each other, diet coke + me.  is there anything you really love…like this kinda love?