full sized sheets

by Amy

you got bits n’ pieces of the sheets wedding but now…you get the full size post.  so this is michael and kate and you may have seen their faces around here before.  kate is part of the family that i am lucky enough to spend lots of time with.  michael is her beau.  and they are now mr & mrs sheets.  it was such an honor to be with them on their gorgeous day at the catta verdera country club just outside of sacramento california.

they have been together for a looooong time.  like highschool sweethearts long time.  love to see that kinda commitment before the real deal commitment!

kate had her close family with her as she got all gussied up.  mom came to the rescue with her mad sewing skills to get the dress just right and the sisters took good care of all the lacing ups!

isn’t she just gorgeous?!  and the space they were given to get ready in was amazing!

kate and michael wanted to have a first look before the wedding.  dodging golf carts and angry, plaid knickered men, they braved the cold for a perfect first peek on a sweet little bridge.  it was so cute to watch them “not kiss” so they could make sure the lip stick didn’t color michael.

as you can see, every detail of their wedding was amazing!

the flower girl was sweet niece Sammy.  she didn’t want much to do with me at first but we soon became best buds.  she shared with me, bits of pineapple she taste-tested and didn’t care for.  we had a spinning contest.  she won.  i think i pulled a muscle.  i kinda adore her.

kate and her daddy had a sort of first look as well.  it was a total tear jerker.  she stood there, impatiently waiting to show her father how beautiful she looked and he was nothing but smiles and tears.  such a special time between the two of them.

so many special moments between them before he had to give his little girl away.

introducing mr & mrs sheets.

the reception was also held at the country club and was amazing!

does this family dance?  let’s just say this is the first wedding where Lindsay and I got to join in at the end.  they are dancing fools!  even gramma did the splits at one point!  loved it!  and just in case you ever need a dj in the sacramento area, function 45 was the most amazing team i have ever worked with.  seriously.  they had so many awesome ways to get people on the dance floor feeling comfortable and crazy.  having a dj like that (good choice kate and michael) really makes a reception become a par-tay!

thank you kate and michael.  thank you for asking me to be there with you that weekend.  thank you for making me feel like family and for feeding me awesome food all weekend, for the goodies you surprised me with and for making me feel like family.  wait…did i mention you make me feel like i am part of your family?  i loved catching you two sneak kisses or snuggles, seeing you catch eyes from across the room and witnessing how you just light each other up.  thank you both for your service to our country both here and on your upcoming deployment and thank you for allowing me the privilege of photographing your wedding.  can’t wait until the next carroll/sheets event so i can see you two again!

you can view the custom slideshow I put together for them in here.  Licensed music by Mindy Gledhill.

Assistant Photographer is the amazing Lindsay Hale of Lindsay Kaye Photography

Hair & Make Up by Jenifer Haupt

Flowers by Ambience Floral Design

Music and Entertainment by Function 45 Event & Entertainment

Cake by Divine Desserts

Location and Catering by Catta Verdera Country Club in Lincoln CA