friday night lights

by Amy

i couldn’t figure out where that deep bass was coming from.  it sounded like the dougie.  it was a bunch of young, punk kids in my cul-de-sac, dancing in a circle and havin a grand ol time…and for a second i felt old for wondering what the heck they were doing.  but then i wanted to play too.  and they weren’t punks.  they were awesome.

i walked outside, barefoot.  i felt like the new kid at school.  but then i figured, what is the worst they could do?  think i am a huge, dorky mom that doesn’t remember how old she is?  well…i am exactly that so i went down there anyways.

they were awesome.  dancing in the headlights, laughing at each other (but not in a rude way) and enjoying the warm summer night just after school had started.  they admitted that they thought i was going to shut it down.  but then they let me jump right in and just be there.

these dance parties need to be a regular.  in everyone’s life.

headlights, ipod on shuffle, and good friends…GO!