fresh blanket

by Amy

we have been waiting for snow.  after our first year here giving us 5 months of consistent snowfall followed by a year of not even ONE snow day, we were ecstatic to wake up to a fresh blanket.  two days into our winter wonderland, we are rosy nosed and frigid toes of sledding and reindeer games…and still loving it.

there is a great sledding hill near our home.  the kids sled alongside friends from our town, the adults drink hot wine out of mugs and laugh at the antics and we all trudge home tired and happy.  and if a race comes up between me and the mister, it is proven that I will win.  just sayin.

seriously people?  are they just the cutest or is it just me?  those cheeks?  the snow they are wearing?  those smiles that were given to me as a gift if they could just go home now?!  I want to never stop remembering them in this snow in this place.

and after the long walk home, when the boys were stripping down to their lightning mcqueen underwear and racing to the fire, this little beauty wanted to listen to the falling snow in the swing out front.  alone.  snowflakes tangled in her tresses alongside her seemingly painted porcelain cheeks had me drooling for just one more photo.

in true, Normal Rockwell form, the kids warmed their wet toes and cold fingers by the fire while fresh milk cocoa simmered on the stovetop.

extra “smarsh shmellows” pweas.  slowly their bodies warmed up while the cocoa level went down.  ten minutes later they were back outside but the quiet by the fire in between was glorious.

I am wanting these lazy, playful snow days to stay fresh in our memories for all of time.  I wouldn’t hate it if the snow stuck around a bit longer either!