finley + four

by Amy

remember sweet finley?  you know…that four month old with the big open mouth smile, those long & sweet eyelashes and her crazy big eyes?   yeah…that finley!  she wasn’t feeling too hot just a day before our play date but, as a true model does, she was able to battle through it just in time!

she is eight months old now.  and she just gets cuter with every passing minute.

she still loves her mama something fierce and my gut tells me that feeling is quickly and easily returned.  no one can make her smile like her mama can.  and i was so thankful her mama was so quick to help me get some big ones.

she still has the most adorable big sister who she gets some seriously good giggles with.  side note: love love lurv how she is starting to look like big sis. end side note.

and she still has those amazingly beautiful eyes.  and she still has the best taste in clothes.  who am i kidding, she has that gift of looking fabulous in whatever she throws on.  but…being eight months old now, she has some new look-at-me-love-me tricks up her sleeve…

like her practice walks with mama holding on.  or her adorable chubby mc-chubbersom legs which she wears SO well.

or the fact that she is sitting up all on her own.  i adore my little meetings with miss finley.  her smile ignites my heart and her giggles seep in to my every day.  thanks for spending your evening with me finley and family.  we should do this again…say…four months?