finley and family

by Amy

my dearest finley,

first off…happy birthday!  you are one now and it is quite hard to believe.  i remember meeting you for the first time way back when you were four months old.  you were so giggly and sweet.  do you remember how we played at the park when you were eight months?  you have just always been so adorable…you haven’t changed a bit!

thank you for letting me take picture with your whole family this time!  they are some amazing people.  your mommy and daddy?  yeah, i know.  i normally don’t get to see them all flirty and sweet on each other so that was a real treat!

my favorite part of seeing you and your family was the tickle parts.  you guys must get a lot of practice!  and you even brought your puppy!  don’t worry…i am sure he didn’t mind being naked.  he seemed quite proud of his new do!

your big sister was a ham for me while you were getting your clothes changed.  do you think she knows she is cute?  i bet she will teach you how to do that now that you are one.  and bonus!  you probably get all her hand-me-downs!  score!

your daddy is pretty smitten over you and your big sister.  you two are some really lucky girls!  it was super fun to watch him love on you both as you all cuddled and shared nuzzles.

well my dear, it has been a big year for you.  that whole birth thing was a bit stressful at first (that whole “welcome to the world” thang) but now you are one and are growing so fast.  i am so thankful that your amazing mama keeps asking me to come play with you.  watching you grow is a true joy and i love being there just to catch one of your beautiful glances.  happy birthday finley.  you are loved.

smooches and squishes, amy b