film: ferries

by Amy

a trip across the sound.  alone.  and very aware of all the lovely details to be found on a form of aquatic transportation.

the reflections.  and unknown faces behind.  the blaring horn that scares you so bad you end up laughing like a crazy person.

the swirls.  the bubbles.  the searching for dolphins amidst the wake.

the view from where the seagulls roam.  or the passengers on the upper deck.

where the land pauses, the water takes charge and the sky fills in the gaps.

protection from the wind.  warmth from the sun through the pane.  a safe place with a view.

leaning over the railing like it’s the filming of the titanic.  still searching for critters in the sea.

texture and lines and dark, beautiful wood.  getting lost in thought over the conversations that have happened here.

always too short of a ride despite the excitement to see what awaits on the other side.