film: cherry red

by Amy

they grew up in that back yard.  up until recently, so did he.

they weren’t for eating.  they were just for fun.  just so mama could take pictures of my red lipped boy with his red dripped treasures.

he was proud.  and scared of bugs.  but more proud.  he snuck one to see what it would taste like.  because sometimes you have to know what sour tastes like to believe your mom really does know it all.

the booty.  also known as “bird berries” so little ones know that those berries are literally for the birds.  or one hour of keeping a two year old busy…how ever you prefer to look at it.

that face?  the sweetest treat of all.

in case you were wondering…

1.  i am having my film developed at Panda Labs in Seattle.  they are awesome, fairly priced and SO friendly!  go there.

2.  these images are straight out of the camera.

3.  the camera was a hasselbald 500cm with a 80mm lens.  i can’t remember my settings but i assume (based on the time of day and my normal use with this camera) they were around f5.6 and 1/160 of a second.

that’s all.