featured: the real kind

by Amy

i did this awkward happy dance when i saw the link on facebook.  my kids thought i hurt myself and just stared at me with concern.

“I have been FEATURED!!  On a super cool website!!  IT JUST WENT LIVE!”, i half yelled, half hisspered at them!

they looked so confused.  i forget they don’t know what any of that really means.

but they danced with me anyways.  giggling in part due to utter confusion and in part because giggling is infectious.

wanna see the article?  check it out here.

it’s about playing with your kids, even if you don’t find it simple.  i can’t guarantee it will be the most amazing thing you ever read.

but at least pretend like it is.  for the kids.  [insert winky face here]

Thank you You Plus Two Parenting!  Rachel puts out TONS of interesting articles on parenting!  Like her FB page to see the other amazing articles she will be featuring in her 28 Days of Play Series!!