fantastically elaine

by Amy

she told me she was “no good at getting her picture taken”.  do pants ever really catch on fire?  or pretty white summer dresses for that matter…

whether she believed in herself or not, she was perfection in front of that lens.  i know elaine a fair amount.  i know that she is quiet in big groups and very intelligent.

i know she is funny and makes awesome, sarcastically hilarious comments out of nowhere.  i know she likes to giggle.  not laugh…but giggle.

i know she can be serious at times.  that she can feel the pain her friends feel in a very genuine way.  or do the happy dance with them when it’s all good.

and speaking of dancing…i know she can do that too!

i know she likes ballroom dancing and hip hop the most.  and that she is determined to get better in the areas she acknowledges are less than perfection.

i have only known elaine for about a year.  it is easy to see she is one of those people who has billions of interesting layers to peel back.

i know that she doesn’t let just anyone in.  or, at least, it seems like that.  she seems like the type to share her heart with only those deserving….because she knows her heart has extreme value.  if she isn’t aware of that, i hope she is now.

and it is very clear to me, VERY clear, that…she knew exactly what she was doing in front of the camera.  she rocked it.

thanks for the morning of adventure elaine.  thanks for trusting me as the person who shoots you.  you truly are amazing and gorgeous and fun and beautiful….inside and out.  tuesday night just aren’t the same without you.  but i look forward to watching you take the world by storm!  and please, don’t hop in just any stranger’s van.