family in my pocket

by Amy

remember this awesome family?  you know…the ones i teased you with a few weeks back?  well here is the full session.  i love these people.  if i could put them in my pocket and take them everywhere with me, i would.

don’t you just love them?  soren and his red hair and curiosity and witty banter just traps you in his web of adorablness while frances just kicks her feets and smiles at you like you are the coolest person she has ever met.

when i asked soren “why is your hair so red?!” he said, “i dunno!  daddy hads no hair!”

that red….just delicious!

hawt mama!

i have to confess.  moments (seconds possibly) after this photo was taken, soren was floored by a 12 year old, freckled pendulum on the swings.  didn’t even see it coming, ran in front of the forward motion and got a swift kick to the dome!  there goes that sweet mommy-daddy-are-so-in-love moment.

and obviously no soren’s were harmed in the making of this film.

thank you paul and krissy, for sharing your family with me.  thank you for your friendship and kind words (always) and your questions and feeding my family pizza and from freeing me from having to apologize for my sometimes/all the time stupid statements.  you guys are so stinkin awesome and i just love ya!  thanks for the privilege of photographing you all!