face art

by Amy

annastina is an up-n-coming make up artist.  she is fabulous.  she has fabulous friends.  in an effort to boost “the looks” in her portfolio, she needed a variety of lovely faces with an array of different makeup techniques.  so, she invited six different beauties in for a free make over and some grub.  and then she invited me.  boy am i honored she did.

some of these women were the type that rarely, if ever, wore make up.  others loved the stuff and jumped at the chance for some beauty treatment.  regardless, annastina rocked their worlds.

she is able to do makeup to cover the whole spectrum.  from natural every day looks and wedding day amazingness to glammed up theatre performances and even some lady gaga lookin’ stuff.  she was awesome at all of it.

wanna know my favorite part about this?  these girls were SO nice.  they offered to help set up my backdrop which then continued to fall over on them…and they just giggled.  they held my big reflector disc to direct the light.

they let me impersonate tyra banks in order to try and pull some dramatic modelesque looks out of them. i really hope that it was more funny and less realistic of tyra.  either way, they totally worked it for the camera!

towards the end she started to add some fun little embellishments to really kick it up a notch.

but two little rhinestones just weren’t enough.  aaaaaaaaaand this is where the lady gaga comes in.  poor honey.  she couldn’t smile and could barely talk.  it seemed like a chore for her to even swallow.  and she sat so still while annastina glued on each gem individually.  and in the end….she rocked it!  beauty is pain right?!  annastina made it hurt so good that honey left the bling on as she made her way to dinner with her boyfriend’s family.  she was giddy at the idea of showing her boyfriend her sweet lips!

annastina was uh-mazing to work with and we are already planning some fun stuff for the future.  thanks for taking a chance with me Anna, and for being my guinea pig on the fashion side of photography.