fabulous by design

by Amy

she is crazy talented.  in fact, i went a bit star struck when i realized who she was.  i am a recovering scrapbook addict and she is, like famous, in that world.  i used to buy her products (that she designed in her awesomeness of graphic designing) in both the ol paper & scissors style and the digital scrapbook format.  i didn’t make the connection because it was her maiden name i knew.  when i finally realized that it was HER (my ol friend from junior high) name all over my crafting goodies, i am sure i acted a fool.  but she was too sweet to point it out.  she is a supah stahr!

not only does she make some gorgeous designs…she makes gorgeous babies!

her and her rad husband are just so chill and relaxed and fun not only with their kids…

but with each other as well.  almost married for ten years and they still flirt and whisper and kiss without prompting.  i took notes.

can you believe she has four kids?  rockin those hawt, skinny jeans my friend.  rockin!

thank you andrea.  thank you for your long time friendship, for you crazy, gorgeous designs and your mad logo-making skills.  thank you for a fun afternoon of exploring downtown seattle, for you and your families genuine and constant smiles, for your uncanny coordinating of the outfits, and for your electric blue pants.  i cherish you, your family, our history and my new branding that you worked so hard on.  can’t wait to see what you do with these photos and am honored that you even consider putting them up on your big photography wall!  thank you thank you thank you!

she is the mastermind behind my new branding (that I am slowly infiltrating into my entire business) and you can find her all over the place…like Designer Digitals, her own inspiring blog and you should really become her fan!  She also designs fabric, photography backdrops, templates for shuterfly.com’s photobooks and a few paper goodies like this scrapbook kit!  sheesh…so much to brag on her about!  like i said, she is awesome!  check her out!