expecting addy

by Amy

the fog was rolling in…wait…who am i kidding.  the fog had straight OWNED the morning of our shoot.  i am sure at one point in my life i would have been very disgruntled by the unplanned weather change but for this day, i could not have been more excited.  fog.  and a beautiful, pregnant mamma, and perfectly planned outfits, old friends and baby kicks.  it was all so much more than i could have ever hoped for!

james and i used to work together, be good buddies and even roommates for a few years!  he is super generous, super genuine and super fun!  a long time has passed since we last saw each other.  his gorgeous wife is just the sweetest person ever and i loved seeing how much she has brought out in him.  her voice is calming and joyous, her eyes are bright and attentive and she makes people feel as though they are the most important person in the world.

when Many and Ariel came in to James’ life, i don’t think i could have expected how much he would instantly take to being a father.  the james i remember was a wild n’crazy kid…he still is but it was so awesome to see him be…a dad.  and a fabulous one.  ariel is eleven and just a doll.  sweet like mom but sarcastic enough to get you laughing, she is a stellar dancer and super stylish.  maybe she can teach me some moves?  who am i kidding…

see?  aren’t they a great pair?!  Ariel complains that if she had to give up her game room for the baby, Dad should have to too!  you know what i think?  i think they like to share that room?  i think james is still a wild n crazy kid and he loves that he has a wild n crazy kid to share it with.  i did hear she beats him pretty bad on xbox though.

baby addie will be here in just a few short weeks.  keep an eye out for her newborn images up on the blog… [tease, tease]

thank you James and Many, for choosing me to be the one to photograph such a special time in your lives.  you made it so easy to capture sweet moments with your family and your taste in clothing is superb.  i hope these last few weeks goes smoothly and comfortably.  i can not hardly stand the wait, as i am sure you can’t either, and i look forward to that phone call!  hugs to all three of you and see you next time with a baby in those arms instead of that gorgeous belly!