drool all over

by Amy

i was really hesitant to order this item.  gonna be honest…it seemed a bit expensive for just a cd case.  i looked all over to other companies for just plain cases or boxes that i could add my logo to but, just kept coming back to this.  it seemed so personal and convenient for my customers.  it just seemed awesome.  so i gave it a whirl.  the case starts out totally blank so i was able to make it whatever i wanted.  since i used to be obsessed with scrapbooking, it was nice to dig up some good ol’ digital tricks and put together this fun little surprise for tim & laura.  If you look really close, their personal wedding date info was added to the film strip.  kinda like where’s waldo… surprising details the longer you stare at it!

it was already my joy of joys to be able to print ON the disc and give just a bit more personal attention to the products clients were ordering.  but now…it is stoopid how excited i am to have this new product in my line up.

i made this particular case for one of the most awesome wedding clients i had this last summer.  they ordered a disc of the digital negatives and i hate to just give them a paper/cellophane case when clearly their pictures are SO important.   i figured if the case sucked, i would just keep it and not ever tell anyone i did it.  but it did NOT suck.  it is the opposite.  it is so beautiful and i am afraid these pictures just don’t do it justice!

along with the extreme personalization, printing from this disc is even easier on my clients.  my copyright release/print authorization is printed right on the back of the case!  that way, when you head out to get pictures printed you don’t have to remember to print the copyright release on paper AND remember to take it with you AND not have to lose it or worry about your baby/puppy/husband destroying it AND remember to give it to the reproduction specialist.  phew.  that is alot to forget.  trust me!  i so easily….wait…what was i saying?

you wish to have one of these you say?  well by golly…you sure can!  now that i have seen, touched and drooled all over a real live copy of one of these, you can bet your bonnet that i am now including these with every digital negative purchase.  i just made three more last night and am so anxious to get them.  each one is different (obviously.  if you are a senior clearly you do not want tim and laura’s wedding pics on your cover!) and each one is put together with nothing but love and diet coke.

and of course, thank you.  thank you for being so awesome that my business is growing and i am able to offer such personalized and awesome products.  you guys are the best.  seriously.