Documenting December - Day Two

by Amy

©Amy B Photography

[sing the song] On the second day of December, some dirty rotten scoundrel gave to meeeeee, a stomach virus. [stop singing the song]  That’s it.  It doesn’t rhyme and I hate being sick.  So while I lay in bed, sleeping yesterday and today away, my beautiful and able children made crafts, drank who knows how much hot cocoa, and watched as many Christmas movies as their eyeballs could handle.  I just keep telling myself “At least they only used the Elmers!” or “I am so thankful they let me rest even if it did mean they ate a whole bag of marshmallows!” through gritted teeth.

Seriously, I am so thankful for rest and independent, responsible children, even at the cost of glitter glue everywhere.  And we got our very first Christmas card of the year!  Such a thrill to have a hand written letter from our German Oma Uschie as the opener of the season!

Hoping to feel better tomorrow!  I better because there are no more wooden popsicles, playdoh or pipe cleaners left and who knows what kind of “craft supplies” the kids will come up with then!

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