Documenting December - Day Three

by Amy

©Amy B Photography 2016

The second Sunday of Advent.  Because we missed the first one, we squeezed two in one for the day.  This year, we are reading an Advent story called Tabitha’s Travels and the kids BEG me to read extra each day.  And while this photo looks all serene and lovely, please know that we had our fair share of scoldings and fights (“but that is MY candle!”) leading up to it.  I may have almost sent them all to bed and given up at one point too!

But what is Advent if it is not refocusing our hearts and minds on the reason for the season.  We may have had moments of frustration but God and his redeeming grace brought it all back.  So when I laid the kids down for bed that night and they talked about how much they love our Advent nights, I was so thankful for the moments shared, both good and trying.

I hope they look back on photos like this and know that our story has sweet and sour in it.  And that most of all, there is always forgiveness and there is always grace.

Have a blessed Advent Sunday friends!