Desert Mermaid

by Amy

Her amazing mom and I met in Germany when she was just a wee lass and now she is a graduating senior?! Weren’t we just making candy maps of the US and skeleton diagrams with veggies?

The world took our families in different directions but our friendships held strong. So when her mama asked if I would come to New Mexico to do her senior photos, the answer was an OBVIOUS yes!

Not only was she just stunning and so easy to photograph but the amazing backdrop of the Sandia mountains and desert area lit up just before sunset! I had no idea Sandia was spanish for Watermelon but those hills sure are the color to match!

Splitting our time between the wild and the urban, we went into Old Town Albuquerque for some more photos! I am obsessed with the colors and design in the Southwest and love that we got to add them into the story of her senior year!

Thank you Emalee, my little desert mermaid, for allowing me to be your dorky, farting photographer! You are a GEM and I am so thankful your mom bought something from me off a yardsales page a million years ago so we could all be forever connected!