dating my daughter

by Amy

there are certain things my husband does for our kids that just blow me away.  one of those being the time that he gives them.  in just a 24 hour period, on top of a very busy work schedule, I have watched him play board games, read books, and do garden projects with the kids.  but, my favorite of all… is when he takes my daughter on a date.  just the two of them.  sometimes it is for a special occasion and other times, just for fun.  it may be to a dance, as was the case last night, or it may be for breakfast in the next town over.

but he makes time.  for her.

the anticipation of these dates is an amazing thing to witness.  she showered at two pm, even though the date wasn’t until dinner time, to make sure she was ready.  she picked out her best headband and most treasured necklace to wear.  while her five year old brother cheered her on, she gave a quick run down of the choices for her evening attire.  she chose a flattering dress “that I can bust a move in…if I need to!” along with her favorite (and only) high heels.  and she wore the corsage I made her last year.  it’s enough to make a grown mama melt.

i want to clutch tight, these memories of her preparing for dates with papa.  soon enough, i will watch her in a tizzy as she prepares for dates with boys.  [sigh]  and soon enough she won’t care if we like her outfit or even if we like her suitor.   she won’t give fashion shows to little brothers or ask me to help her comb her hair.

but even still, i can thank my sweet husband for the ground work he laid.

she will know what it is like to be treated like a lady.  as papa holds her hand, opens the door for her, helps her take a seat and asks for permission to dance, she is learning what it is like to be adored and loved by a man.  how to be treated respectfully and lovingly.  she is learning how to be loved and how to be a lady in the presence of someone who truly loves her.

with freshly painted lips, i will watch as her bridesmaids help her step in to her white dress.  with giddiness in her eyes and butterflies in her tummy, she will be preparing to meet her groom at the end of the aisle.  papa will take her hand, hold open the door, and lead her down the divide between rows of loved ones.  he will help her take her place and kiss her cheek as he gives permission for the man of her dreams to take her hand in marriage.

all because of these small moments in time that her papa has given her.

she will know.

thank you husband.  sometimes, you have no idea what gifts you are really giving us…