dancing in the by Amy

it was supposed to rain.  we had umbrellas and a plan to hit every awning or overhang in the downtown tacoma area.  we all showed up in true northwest attire…you know…north face fleeces, columbia jackets, and floating thought bubbles with the word ‘starbucks’ written inside.  but it didn’t rain until after our session was over and i was turning the key to get home.  it was beautiful.  they were beautiful.  what a great way to start off the 2011 season.

these two sisters were beyond adorable.  it was not hard to get beautiful smiles and silly giggles out of them.  by the end of our session they were even reinacting broadway musical dancing with their umbrellas.  wasn’t technically ‘singing in the rain’ but clouds are close enough right?  loved them girls.

apparently, in the car ride here and the morning prior, these two beauties were a bit at each other’s throats but you would never know it by their playful attitudes during the shoot.  and of course i had to park in front of a cupcake boutique (a girl’s gotta eat right?) in case we needed some bribing but i might have accidentally put myself in “good cop” status instead.  sorry mom and dad! 😉

they were great sports about it.  momma has the most adorable laugh that seemed to get her whole family going.  and dad looked so proud and happy with his girls.  as we walked around, all i could think was, “i just adore the people i get to work with!” and it is the truth.  all because of people like this.

dad took some time out to dance with his girls and spin them in to a tizzy.  the giggles that came from big sister were awesome (clearly got that from her momma) and i adored being able to see a glimpse of the love between a daughter and her daddy.

again with the giggles!  no need for posing, these two monkeys were ready to climb, balance and sandwich anyway they could for a silly picture.  momma didn’t seem bothered by it one bit.  those are the best kind of ‘poses’.

thank you for spending the morning with me dear jangula family.  i am so glad you weren’t afraid to test the weather and i could not have had more fun on my first shoot of the year!  see you soon…i will bring cupcakes.