daily life

by Amy

it ain’t easy being small.  what is it about being a grown up that just seems so awesome?

every day, i watch my little people avoid naps, dress up in big people clothes, be bored and pretend they can drive a line of chairs.  just wait, you four.  one day…

you will BEG for someone to make you sleep in the middle of the day.

you will sigh after removing your high heels and look forward to the exact moment when you can take off you bra or loosen your collared shirt.

boredom will be a forgotten feeling.  boredom will mystify you as you try and remember what exactly it once felt like.

you will be driving home, daydreaming, and somehow wonder how you even made it to your garage without killing someone.

you will be a grown up all too soon.  i love watching you smile as you drink tea out of a “big kid cup”.  i love how happy it makes you so i let it happen.  but you will be an adult in the blink of an eye.

be little, little one.  run barefoot, drink out of the faucet, sleep in the middle of the day (dear lord listen to me on this one!) and wear those cowboy chaps till they are thread bare.

but be little.  for now.  it fits you.

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