cruising: french riviera

by Amy

i had never been on a cruise.  i am not sure if i have been on a vacation without my kids and with only a friend…that wasn’t work related.  i almost didn’t know what to do with myself.  my dear friend, suzanne is a rockstar scentsy consultant and earned her way on to a free cruise.  having just met suzanne maybe a month earlier, we all discussed her amazingness over dinner and i joked about going with her on the cruise.  lots of haha’s filled the air and the next day, she said “no.  i’m serious!”.  how could i resist?  great company, amazing travels and nothing but my camera and local snack to have to take care of?  i’m in.

as you can imagine, i took way too many photos.  this feels a little like i called you over to do a slideshow of my trip photos via kodak carousel on the wall, except for you aren’t required to stay and awkwardly obligatorily ooh or aah over each click.  really.  it won’t hurt my feelings.  but if you do stay, i will love you forever.  and maybe you will feel like you came with me?  😉

forgive me for over-simplifying things but like i said, cruise stuff is new to me.  we sailed away from barcelona, spain into the night and woke up in cannes, france.  just saying that sounds fun.  “i woke up in cannes!”  with a few hours to wander cannes, suzanne and i made a beeline for the beach.  the city was a buzz as they set up for the film festival but all we cared about was sun.  after 7 months of German winter, our pasty, pale skin needed a big gulp of those rays.

our group took a trip up the french riviera, drooling over all the homes and property we would never be able to afford.  even the abandoned houses were breath taking.  is it too much to ask that i live in that area for maybe six months and just photograph people at any random place i wish to stop?!

our final stop for the day was frejus.  an adorable little town that seemed to be on a “oui nap” for the day.  get it.  see what i did there?!  anyways, the city was quite silent and we weren’t sure if it was because of the rain or the time of day.  either way, we were able to wander and gaze to our hearts desire.  what is it about these towns?!  why are they so dang beautiful?!

my wandering companions.

after the day of touring the cote d’azur, we were back on the ship to enjoy “formal night” and all the events surrounding.  you really can do most anything on a cruise ship!

goodnight france.  can’t wait to see you in the morning, italy.  meet me in pisa?