cowboy cole

by Amy

Do you remember this little guy?  Back in November, he spent most of his time on his belly, drooled a lot and had the most amazing hair.    Of course, he hardly drools anymore, still has the most amazing hair and is now practicing his steps…mostly dance steps but he tests out those walkin feet.

sweet cole turned one last weekend and his first birthday party was the place to be in los angeles.  his mama planned the most amazing one year old party I have ever seen.  it wasn't crazy or over the top.  it was just awesome.  even the guests came dressed to decor.

and everyone loved it.  kids collected candy from a boot pinata.  i have seen a lot of pinata's but they weren't kidding when they call it steel-toed.  and come on…cowboy hats for holding your bounty…how cute is that?

all of cole's family came out for the party.  and by "came out" i mean from out-of-state or via-airplane came out.  they were serious.  they love him.  and he loves them.  

his uncles can make him laugh aaaaaaaaalmost as much as his mommy's booty dance can.

those sweet baked goods were almost too pretty to eat.  cole got over that really fast.  after about half of the cake, mama was getting a bit concerned over his sugar intake.  he seemed to handle it well.

cow print cupcake?  have you ever seen a cupcake as awesome?  

to complete the ranch feel of the party, mama had a small petting zoo on site.  the kids could sit in a small fenced area and hold rabbits or be frightened by these weird chicken-looking things.  cole was uncertain of either animal and preferred to just watch from the edge.  

     thank you for inviting me to your party sweet cole.  i have enjoyed watching you grow and can't wait to see you again soon.  xoxox