connor & avery

by Amy

he looks just like big sis did when she was born.  i can only tell this by the photos of her though.  when i hold him in my arms and giggle at how chunky he is or nuzzle his sweet cheeks or play with his soft hair…it’s an odd mix of joy and longing.  i am here for his yummy newborness.  that is pure joy.  but i wasn’t for big sis, or avery doodle as you may know her best.  we lived in germany at the time and first met when she was six months old.  i don’t regret a minute of it but as i hold him, i long to know what it was like when the doodle was this big.  can’t go back in time so instead…i hoard him.  all to myself, i steal him away from others and cuddle him in my arms.  i cherish him and his little heavyweight self.  and then i hug the doodle.  because life is so sweet with the both of them in arms reach.

he was born on february 22nd as made clear by this ADORABLE shirt from a good friend.  my how he has grown since then.  and forgive me for the delay in posting but, if you have read anything i have posted about my amazing sis-in-law…you would know that she has incredible taste.  i didn’t want to post these images before her what-i-can-imagine-to-be-amazing birth announcements went out because, well…that would spoil the surprise!  alas, i have no patience and she gave me the go-ahead.  (thanks sis!)

the doodle is a big sis now.  sheesh…captions have no value when you have all these awesome shirts on hand!  😉  part of her transition to big sis was celebrated with a “big girl necklace”.  the kind that clips like mommy’s does.  the kind that only big girls can wear.  the kind that is the perfect shade of pink.

it is really fun to watch as avery learns to love on this little man in her life.  she test the waters of sisterhood, one toe at a time.  when she finds happiness in mundane tasks with this tiny human or when she is praised for her sibling skills, her face just lights up.  and she wants more.  but on her time.  when she is ready.  just another aspect of avery to love.

connor…i know you are a man but i can’t help myself.  yes, you are handsome.  there is not doubt.  but…you are a bee-you-tee-full baby.  your skin, your lashes, your furry ears, your lips.  you are just perfection in every sense of the word.

and you are loved.  oh boy are you loved.  not only do i get to watch the doodle grow into the shoes of big sister but i get to watch mommy and daddy grow too.  it is so hard to put in to words, the change that happens only after there is more than one child in a person’s life…but there is a change.  new smiles in unexpected moments.  new shrugs in what used to be frustrating situations.  i am not sure what it is but you can just see that life and all it’s chaos becomes even more acceptable after the only child is no more alone.  it is a lovely metamorphosis to behold.

do i not have the most beautiful niece?!  ever?  this is a rare glimpse of the doodle in her most natural state.

i can’t wait to see more of these little man.  your smiles are the best!

so we get that he is cute, right?!  like…the cutest.  but my nephew?  he is something special.  for so many reasons but for my favorite reason in particular…

his toes.  he has wittle webbed toes between the 2nd and 3rd digits.  do you see this people?  his toes make a heart.  a heart!  [swoon]  i am in love.

oh connor.  you are so loved.  look at your beautiful mama.  she glows.  she holds you in her arms and her voice changes, her smile widens…she just lights up.  it is awesome.

as always, i am so thankful that my dear sis-in-law trusts me to capture theses sweet times.  that she lets me steal cuddles in between shots and that she dresses him in shirts that shout his love for auntie to all in sight.  it’s a funny thing, the love an aunt has for her little people.  one of those things you never expect to happen upon in life, but when you do…you just can’t get enough.  i love you so much connor.  i love you so much avery.  i hope you always know that!  always.