come style me amy b

by Amy

a common request/plead from my awesome clients is “what do we wear for our session?!”  and i totally get this.  when we had our family portraits taken by the amazing inglin photography it was quite an event to get clothing arranged for us all.  i had no idea how to go about it so i just decided on the main colors and shopped accordingly.  in my head it was totally justifiable to purchase outfits for use in our shoots but i do understand that is not an option for everyone.  i figured we would be staring at these pictures for a long time, our family would be staring at these pictures for a long time, and…as a lover of all things photography myself, i assumed it would be more pleasing in mimi’s gallery/portfolio if our shoot was somewhat styled.  whether or not i succeeded at this is up in the air but…i tried.  and i love it so that is all that matters right?!

in our session, the boys wore navy blue, grey and cream with jeans.  the girls wore cream, dark navy denim (to tie in with the boys) and a dark hot pink.  the pink gave us something different from the boys grey but the cream and navy tied us all together.  also, in the details, my youngest’s pants were grey fleece on the inside so that rolled looked just added a hint of the color.  my daughters tights had little pink heart with navy argyle on the sides of them and my sons shirt had motorcycles in navy on the grey waffle knit shirt under the regular grey shirt.  we pulled his top shirt up to his elbows just so you could see the motorcycles underneath and it created this cool layering affect.  again…you may look at this and think “ugh!  how stoopid!” but it is our taste so…well…nanner nanner boo boo! 😉

this is my first post in an attempt to try and “help” out with the styling side of things.  for this first whack at it, i just put together an outfit i would feel comfortable and beautiful in.  just basic and in two colors i am obsessed with lately.  seriously, my closest is being overtaken by the combo and i love it.  you may think i suck at styling and that is ok but i do hope to make it a regular installment here on the blog and would love (f’real) if you gave me input on this.  either good or bad, things you might like to see or color schemes you wish i would try.  i have a post for next week that is just shoes.  mainly for brides to wear with their amazing dresses but also for us women out there [accidental including of myself in that wording] who just love/drool over shoes in general.  i am also going to draw up possibilities for kids sessions, newborns/babies, a few for guys and plenty of bridal stuffs.  info on each piece will be listed at the bottom of the post.

and thanks to my awesome client who suggested this.  you know who you are and you may or may not rhyme with schmara sparrow.  thank you and i hope it takes off!

clothing shown above:

  • charcoal sweater – linQ charcoal mlange cable off-shoulder tunic sweater $89 at
  • purple scarf – purple crochet scarf from
  • charcoal boots – Pan e tulipani shoes grey from
  • skinny jeans – r13 midrise distressed skinny jeans from
  • purple belt – women’s skinny multi – perforated waist or hip belt for $85 at
  • purple ring – petal profusion ring for $13 at