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noryangjin fish market in seoul

A friend called early one morning, to see if we wanted to join him for a quick run to the local fish market.  He is an amazing chef and always serving up the best seafood dishes so we had to go and meet his dealer, maybe try a little for ourselves.  Of course, I went […]


Please forgive the look of my blog but I got hacked. Sad face emoji. The good thing is, they only wrecked my theme/look/formatting and not my content so while I wait for help with the new logo and look… please forgive the mess. Oh and here is a photo of the Oregon Coast.

and two became three

They cryptically hinted at their pregnancy exactly one year ago while I was living way too far away.  I smacked my husband in the arm and told him I KNEW they were pregnant and then got really dramatic and complainey about how I didn’t get to be there for all the photo ops!  I even […]

oh darling...let's be adventurers

It’s time for us to move again!  While we have absolutely LOVED our time here in Germany, the job needs us elsewhere.  And so….we are off… TO KOREA!  South.  In case you lost your marbles or haven’t seen the news.  Ever. That is right! Come the end of this summer, we will be off to […]

fabulous by design

she is crazy talented.  in fact, i went a bit star struck when i realized who she was.  i am a recovering scrapbook addict and she is, like famous, in that world.  i used to buy her products (that she designed in her awesomeness of graphic designing) in both the ol paper & scissors style […]

ornate frames

another set with beautiful bold colors and fanciful frames!  it is SO hard to choose!  i honestly wish I could make one of each card to send out for our pics this year!  speaking of…i have set the dates for the mini sessions!  look for them coming soon to an amyb blog near you!

drool all over

i was really hesitant to order this item.  gonna be honest…it seemed a bit expensive for just a cd case.  i looked all over to other companies for just plain cases or boxes that i could add my logo to but, just kept coming back to this.  it seemed so personal and convenient for my […]

finley and family

my dearest finley, first off…happy birthday!  you are one now and it is quite hard to believe.  i remember meeting you for the first time way back when you were four months old.  you were so giggly and sweet.  do you remember how we played at the park when you were eight months?  you have just […]

mini sessions

purple & gold

it all started at u dub.  university of washington if you aren't familiar.  they met here…brad and jessica did.  just some casual greeting in the hall and bam…now they are gettin' hitched.  at u dub.  see…they were meant to meet and get married here.  the school was even designed for them.  j and b above […]